For all batteries

  • reduce fuel consumption in cars & motorbikes – upto 15%
  • improve engine power – upto 10%
  • make clear hi–fi sound
  • cooler aircon
  • much brighter spotlight
  • better PICK–UP
  • less lead waste!



    petrol at here...

    engine recovery

    mlm recovery of an BMW engine


    save petrol
    AkkuTune Concept – HOW IT WORK


    Still after 5000 km/miles the spark plugs are effected.

    spark plugs

    The spark’s power clearly reduced that produce a lot of un–burned fuel, that get waisted. This generate the lost engine power.

    engine efficiency drop lost

    At a practical test before MagicWater apply shows a zero–miles "new" spark plugs follow spark–building:

    spark plug before Magic Water apply

    And here follow the spark–building by the same spark–plug after the battery got the "Magic Water" processing:

    spark–plug after MagicWater

    In the combination of the MagicWater using with some of our other engine tuning techniques it supply the follow effect, —

    how much fuel it save

    Don’t be surprized if the diesel engine will save over 15% of the fuel it’s the "MagicWater effect" as well, and it lead back on few more effects that we keep in secret. But we do give a "Money Back Guarantee !"