Storm Motors
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We are a complete–equipped & qualified independent service center with the following services for your Mercedes–Benz, Smart, BMW, VW, Porsche or Audi automobiles as well for Japanese brands like Toyota and Honda:
– Service and maintenance according to manufacturer’s recommendations or tailor–made to your require.
– We proceed with major conventional repairs to engine, transmission, body, suspension, brake and paint protection technique.
– Wheel|tyre balancing and alignment.
– Car washing of the paint & restoration of its color and shine.
– Diagnosis and rectification of all sophisticated electronic controlled functions, such as ESP, ABS, ASR, ME, EIS, Telematic Air Bag, Pre–Safe, etc.
– Diagnosis for electronic systems for all German– & Japan–made brands.
– Carry out a thorough pre–sales inspection of any car you intend to purchase or sell.


whats new from STORM’s
  1. we do service for major car brands, like Mercedes, BMW, Toyota and HONDA
  2. We suggest to get the 2nd oppinion to , what your engine may bring you, even you still in guaranty by "originals".
  3. We upgrade your performance to a higher level, what the "originals" are not even think about...
  4. Not to forget fuel costs, we save it for you.
  5. ONLY original spair parts and maintances materials, like lubricants, filters and such.
We stop blow–by
Blow–by causes damage to the vehicle’s engine. Our service will form a new–like engine condition on the inside of the engine’s liners, which can help to restore piston rings & cylinder liners to eliminate blow–by and reduce oil burning & exhaust smoke.

Our service has been developed to reduce oil consumption and nearly eliminate oil burning, be restouring the engine’s power and performance. This will make your engine new like and even higher performance then new, by higher fuel efficiency and mileage.

This process | service we support with a multi–functional oil, produced by Mobil that creates a durable lubricating film on the engine the whole service time of the oil. This is an edditional argument for high–pressure–loaded engines because of the extremely high oil performance film on the engine’s components.

a little about the working stuff
Our centre manager if a young and motivated automotive professional, his name is Jonson, and he is educated by Mercedes University, Malaysia, after that he works for over 5 yers by Mercedes service centre in KL and manage the works organizing as well self open, maintaine and repair the engine every dificulty stage, and bring to life the worst demaged engines, whith which the cistomers come to him. Later on, he change to BMW in KL and works their as manager and works superwiser, till one day he wont to move more then just "passive" watching, how’s the cars aging, and then he met the "STORM’s" and was fastinating from their for F1 developed technologies and materials, after he treid a large numbers of the heavy duty works using the "STORM’s" technique, he deceided to make himseld indipendent and starts his own service venture with the "STORM’s". For sure the Storm himself as a F1 veteran is permanently side–be–seide with Jonson and continue his expertize for the sake of Mercedes, BMW, Porsche, AUDI, VW and other drivers, who just love their beloved and wana bring the most of it...