How to stop wear in an engine & encrease the power

The problems in engines: here is an Mercedes–Benz E–class, 170’000 km (mileage) engine with extreme wear (scratch) on/in liners, — that’s the problem that costs the serious power– & oil lost (drop) in the engine. The engine facing a serious drop power and stable losing lubricants oil. — The fuel consumption increase up to 15 to 17 liters/100km (on the highway).

scratch at Mercedes engine
Mercedes engine inside

After apply STORM’s PowerCodingTM process

Here are the results of the engine’s recovery, — (looks at the photos) the fuel consumption dropped up to 7 to 9 liters/100km, a lot of driving comforts, stop any losing oil and extreme increasing of the engine's power. After intensive driving the 30000 km, and just one time oil change, looks like the engine inside looking:

Mercedes–Benz engine after recover
Mercedes–Benz engine after recovery
engine after recover
engine after recovery
Mercedes–Benz engine powercoding
Mercedes engine
Mercedes engine drop power

Remark : ( the engine was driven by using the STORM’s product – PowerCodeTM )

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