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Our product is the driver comfort, security and daily satisfaction


  1. Better fuel efficiency
  2. Low fuels consumption
  3. Save fuel
  4. Fluid fuels ionization
  5. Oil refineries costs
  6. Power plant effesiency
  7. Shipping costs cuting


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We reduce:

  • fuel consumption costs
  • fuel production expences
  • power plants costs
  • shipping companies fuel costs problems
  • diesel gen-set providers
  • bio fouling problems
  • HyperCool vs engine overheat
  • massive energy saving solutions

    Engine to hot?

    engine overheating

    engine recovery

    how to recover engine recovery of an BMW engine
    consumption Recovery of an Mercedes–Benz engine for less fuel consumption by less maintenance


    save petrol Who we are:

    — an energy conservation company with energy and fuel saving technologies that we have developed to distribute to the public. We are also happy to help organize and develop the consumers’ own research and methods of conserving energy resources, in particular, the industries that are most in need of fuel saving methods, those that make the most use of petroleum products (gasoline, diesel and petrol) such as shipping companies that use tractor trailers and lorries, can benefit from this new technology. Not only petroleum industries can benefit, but also industries that use and produce steam, such as boiling systems. The capability of this system to conserve and reduce fuel consumption extends also to private vehicles, private and municipal housing (particularly the warming of water heating systems), as well as fluid fuels used for generating steam for the production of sugar, paper and textiles, and any kind of fluid fuels used for electrical generators. In fact, every application that involves any kind of fuel in power plants and oil refineries can be streamlined and made more efficient using this process. Finally, the environment and the consumer both benefit, because millions of dollars are saved and the environmental impact is greatly reduced.

    Who are our clients?
    1. — The private consumer; — the simple motorist who pays a large portion of their hard–earned salary for their daily driving needs and has come to resent the oil concerns who grow richer by the day through predatory pricing practices. The consumer will appreciate our contribution to their monthly income and come to support us politically come election time. When the consumer witnesses the savings of 2 to 3 liters of petrol (gasoline) and 2 to 4 liters of diesel fuel per 100 km they will surely love our product!

    2.The shipping companies, whose highly competitive business can only profit from the huge savings in diesel fuel and black oil we will afford them, especially in these troubled economic times. The result will be the full support of these companies in advancing our research.

    3. — Electric power companies and plants, whose measurements of efficiency (tons of fuel per megawatt, CO per kilowatt, etc.) will show enormous beneficial change in short time!

    4. — And finally — the oil companies ! Certainly, as producers of the world’s most widely used fossil fuel, it would be natural for them to react unfavorably toward our endeavors, as we would quickly become their number one competitor! But in the end, they are in competition with one another, and are as in need of efficiency boosting methods as any business. That is what we bring to them; the cost cutting measures and an increase in efficiency in the distillation process, which also requires energy and thus, fuel. Some nations now impose large financial penalties on these companies based on their emissions of CO— and CO2; penalties amounting to millions of dollars. Our process reduces these emissions, and thus the penalties, by up t0 70%! The only excuse for oil companies to be against our product is a lack of knowledge about our product and its far reaching positive effects— or corruption. In the very near future, these companies will need an angle to help them compete against the growing use of alternative fuels. And we supply it to them!
    Further, there are some applications best described as exotic. We won’t delve into those here, but suffice to say-they are very lucrative !

    What are the technologies we use?
    Very simple; the hyper-ionizing of the fluids (in this case, the fuel in its liquid state). The how and why is of course the secret of our product. Six research groups in various parts of the world have completed the research that has led to the refinement this process, and each research sector has focused specifically on the applicability to their own unique industrial environment. Naturally, our activity’ sector is focused on South East Asia and Germany.

    Why it works: — sorry reader, we are not University! But a commercial enterprise, and this "WHY" , as you might expect, we cannot disclose the specifics of the process for free. That’s what we are selling! Simply email us for more information, and we will be glad to tell you more! But do it before your competitors do!