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We privide

  • cooling function restoration
  • overhit protection
  • better engine cooling
  • stop over–heating
  • improve radiator efficiency
  • better warm transfer
  • less engine overhit


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    petrol fuel activator
    consumption AkkuTune
    petrol COOL.WATER


    mlm recovery of an BMW engine
    consumption Recovery of an Mercedes–Benz engine for less fuel consumption by less maintenance


    save petrol   engine over–heating or to hot..?

    Restoration of the car radiator with HyperCoolTM

    How overheating looks like:

    engine overheating

    And the result of the to hot engine runs looks like THAT!

    engine overheating

      Professional and fast help by overheated engines and "weak" running radiator is our product – HyperCoolTM – for restoration of the radiator cooling effect and acceleration the hit transfer from to hot engine to the radiator unit.