How can an BMW & AUDI engine drive over 1 Million km...

And what is a solution for the problem of the wasting lubricants in all of these modern engines even when you still purchase a new vehicle...
Why it starts and how to stop it for the whole engine life span.
Here is the solution ! —
How the engine recovery works! The engine recover is an advanced surface rebuilding process for an engine’s liners
for more mileage and eliminates losing/wasting lubricant oil by saving fuel — stop blow–by.
For all this problem STORM’s have developed an advanced materials and surface restructuring process that solves the problem and stops engine wear for over million kilometers.

new engine protection

Here are photo–shoots of the inside of engine’s combustion chamber surface of the liners with 50-60 µm protection hard layer of Nikasil, that get abraded during the engine runs, and nearly completely wearied by 100-150K km., —

nikasil layer

The first 50% of the layer are still abraded after first 50K km engine run.

engine wear
NIkasil is nearly completely abraded

if You starts with the "Recovery process" at the last 100K km, you are risky that your engine still gone and the recovery is the only chance to restore the engine’s performance. But better to starts with the "Recover" at the just bought car, — at that situation the engine is protected against any kinds of surprises during the whole engine’s life span.

recovered engine with new super hard layer

The "Recovered" engine is an engine with build–up a new super-hard Diamond–like surface, that reinstall the Nikasil properties but is much more harder and have 100 times less friction coefficient that the Nikasil. The new layer reinstall ALL the properties of the brand new engine, like: compression, vibrationsles, power and smoothness.


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