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50µ of new layer — 1 Mill. PLUS kilometers for any engine with

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We offer a service for every car, every kind of engine, with any kind of surface structures of the engine’s liners, – the best, what we now offer to create any engine runs over 1! Million kilometers is the PowerCoding™ process.

What is PowerCoding™ process

recover engine

save petrol Engine performance restaration service:

— We offer the "recover" performance upgrade service for all German brands like: — Mercedes, BMW, AUDI, VW and Porsche; as well for Japanese brands like Toyota, Honda, Mitsubishi & others, for Korean and others cars.

Who are our clients?
1st the private consumer, — simple motorist, who pays a large portion of their hard–earned salary for their daily driving needs and expensive overhold after few 100s kilometers only. The consumer will appreciate our contribution to their monthly income and enjoy the absolutely new driving pleasure after our service. When the consumer witnesses the savings of 2–to–3 liters of petrol (gasoline) or 2–to–4 liters of diesel fuel per every 100km (62 miles) they will surely love our service!


If your vehicle more then 30K km on mileage and ...

  • less power or feels heavy —
  • no power in climbing hills —
  • engine not smooth and not stable while idle —
  • consume heavy fuels than normal —
  • having problem to switch on in cold start especially in the morning...

If your vehicle just purchased and have few km on mileage only and ...

  • But you care about and don't wait until it become like upper;
  • is branded and high end model, and You want to keep the value so long as possible;
  • You want that the engine runs all the 100K km (62 thousand miles) like at the first day and even better;
  • if you going to sale it and everyone by testdrive wanna have if faster; You have no problem to sale it with a higher value;
  • The engine performance will last all the time on the top from expectation;
  • You not agarid to meet a trouble with overheating or bad fuel;
  • Prolong Your engine run from guaranteed 100 thousand to 1 Million km (620 thousand miles)!

The our PowerCoding™ is the solution and its already proven in F1 and other 100s thousands cars!

The PowerCoding™ is suitable for all vehicles (brand new, highend brands petrol/diesel, imported or just local produced) – turbo or normal cars, for both new and used cars, which has mileage more than 30, 50, 100 or 200 thousand km (124 thousand miles).

If your vehicle is an AUDI, BMW, Porsche, Mercedes or other high–end brand with full aluminium engine, – then:

remember that the latest aluminium engines of BMW, Audi, Mercedes, LEXUS and Porsche’s are in absolutely high–end precision, but the performance last for maximum 100 miles limit. After that period the engines starts lost black oil and the compression drop. How to prevent it or even recover the reduced performing engine of Your used AUDI, Mercedes, BMW or Porsche here the solution.

First of all remember still by purchasing the new BMW, AUDI, Porsche or Mercedes that you can save at least 10K to 20K US$ if You buy one "number" smaller engine. For example, don't buy an 2500cc–engine, if you need XXX PS of the performing’ power.

Better you order a lover volume (cc) engine, and apply the latest technology available from high–tech companies to get You needed XXX+PS.

To prevent the problem, exists a new technology,—
calls — P o w e r C o d i n g™ ! —

By using a new product is possible to buy a car with 20% less volume (for example not the 250, but 220 Mercedes); get the power of 250 one; and protect the engines against the wear and losing power for over 400K km (300 thousand miles). The product You need, — calls PowerCode™ (and | or our SPECIAL SERVICE – "The Engine Upgrade".)

This product is to apply to fuel (gasoline or diesel) ever time you tank the fuel. Or You can once apply the ReCovery process at the starts of engine's life.

Or if the engine still spoil then you need a ReCover process from the PowerCode™ developers, this process is also available and can be apply to every aluminium engine with Nikasil (Lokasil or Alusil) hard coating.

The "PowerCoding™ engine restoration" is recommended for

  • brand new (just purchased) cars to keep the "first day" engine performance for over 500K km;

  • or for still used engines that lost some or a lot of power and starts to lost engine oil with reduced compression. In this case the ReCovery process will restore the 1st day engine’s characteristics and prevent the spoil of engine for the next 200K km (120thousand miles). The saving fuel and increasing power will be the surprising good side effect.

  • Es fazit You will get not only the saving money for your fuel, but also better performance of engine from starts on and clear reduces pollution true the les exhaust emission!

Product Characteristics

  1. Restore the combustion chamber geometry (size in pricission) and properties with protection of valves, piston, rings, cylinders and out– & intake manifold.

  2. Like having top overhaul, but the PowerCoding™ cleans and restore your engine parts size and precision of the components, you may not need top overhaul anymore in future.

  3. Used engines, even over 200K km (120thousand miles) on mileage felt like new. Feel your engine lighter, smother and responsible, like never before!

  4. On top: it reduce fuel consumption and pollution.

  5. Boost performance and horsepower for higher speed and acceleration whether on flat horizontal or slope level. Even by 130 km/h you will have powerful push if you give gas.

  6. Smoother running engine by promoting a more complete combustion (reduce noise and vibration).

  7. Extends engine life up to 1 Million km (ask us for guarantee agreement).

  8. Guaranteed complete & correct combustion of fuel avoids any troubles and also allows a considerable savings and increasing the engine’s performances.

  9. Shield, extend and lengthen the life span of silencers, valves, cylinders, converters and spark plugs – save your money on the servicing or maintenance and replacement costs!

  10. Diminish dangerous, hurtful and polluted exhaust emissions (black haze, smock and poisonous gas emission) — Almost 35% reduction in hydrocarbons (HC), around 90% decrease in carbon monoxide (CO) and about 8 to 15% reduce exhaust of carbon dioxide (CO2). Increasing the efficiency of Nez Zero! Let us make our vehicles world friendly for environment.

  11. Reduce engine temperature and sound. No more overheating in traffic–jam.

  12. Will not affect new vehicle warranty — no cutting, no modification to the engine. There are only high tech precision physical processing.

we do franchise the concept —

to be the authorized resellers or partner’s service centres please contact us.