enviromental protection with


  1. Better energy efficiency
  2. Low diesel consumption
  3. Save fuel
  4. Fluid fuels ionization
  5. Oil refineries costs

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engine overheating


save petrol Stop Engine Overhold

— We offer the "recover" overhold service for all German car brands (Mercedes, BMW, AUDI, VW and Porsche) as well for Japanese brands, like Toyota, Honda, Mitsubishi and others; Korean and local Malaysian brands. In 4 hours only.

Who are our clients?
1. — The private consumer; — the simple motorist who pays a large portion of their hard–earned salary for their daily driving needs and expensive overhold after few 100z kilometers only. The consumer will appreciate our contribution to their monthly income and enjoy the absolutely new driving pleasure after our service. When the consumer witnesses the savings of 2 to 3 liters of petrol (gasoline) and 2 to 4 liters of diesel fuel per 100 km they will surely love our service!

3. — NGV-car drivers, who have les power with the NGV then with petrol (gasoline or diesel), – we restore Your petrol power to Your NGV drive.
Further, there are some applications best described as exotic. We won’t delve into those here, but suffice to say-they are very lucrative !

What the "PowerCoding" do for a car’s engine

An Mercedes–Benz engine after 170’000 km AFTER apply of the PowerCodingTM

Mercedes–Benz engine after PowerCoding

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