• better fuel consumption
  • perfect engine performance
  • clean exhaust
  • 10 times less CO—
  • Engine life span up to 1!
  • Extra "PICK–UP"
  • Never Overheating

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    petrol fuel activator HOT!
    consumption AkkuTune FOR BIKES
    consumption AkkuTune FOR CARS
    petrol COOL.WATER NEW!
    save HyperCool vs engine overheating

    We Solving:

  • Engine overheating
  • fuel over-usage
  • power drop
  • strange noises in engine
  • to high fuel consumption
  • car shaking
  • engine dirtiness
  • and black carbon | smog
  • problems.


    mlm recovery of an BMW engine
    consumption Recovery of an Mercedes–Benz engine (PowerCoding) for less fuel consumption by less maintenance


    before and after powercodingENGINE BEFORE & AFTER TEST

    Here is the typical middle class car with a small (1500 cc) gasoline (petrol) engine, after 27’000 km on raod service. In this test we will show the engine liners (inside surfaces) before and after apply of our new RECOVERY SERVICE:



    engine liner before recover engine liner after tuning


    Presently, we offer this total recovery service for Worldwide distribution and lecenses; for that purpose we create our authorized service partner (distributors). PLEASE BE WARNED ABOUT CHOOSING THE WRONG SERVICE! TO BE SURE ABOUT THE RESELLER, PLEASE CONTACT US!

    To make an appointment to apply our RECOVERY SERVICE to your vehicle, bus, lorry, truck, or motorcycle, please contact one of our service centre.

    Our contribution to the engine’s "health..."

    Our rapid tuning solutions and long years experiences in performance tuning are suitable for a very wide range of applications.

    STORM’s Research Lab. specialize in engine tuning conversions, engine power increasing and consumption economy tuning. As well as a range of combustion processes normalizing, and tunit diesel and petrol high–end engines, STORM’s Lab. can carry out engine–battery energy conversation especially aimed as "AkkuTuneTM" tuning, fuel saving, fuel reduction tuning and engine economy tuning, (engine chipping fuel economy, is something what not really our specializing, but we have all needed know–how for it) this can offer both strong increases in fuel economy, whilst still offering diesel and gasoline power and torque. ECU engine tuning is an additional application, which we can offer as extra service for taxi economy tuning, van tuning and commercial vehicles service.

    Our diesel and gas engines tuning can be very useful for a number of applications, and our know-how in serving the cars are particularly useful where fast and powerful power increase and fuel consumption reducing are required, or where other tuning technologies may not be suitable or practical, i.e. commercial tuning, HGV tuning, lorry and tracks, bus tuning and van tuning, where an "just-in-time" tuning solution is required, or where the owner / driver may require to return the vehicle back to standard easily and without a garage trip (something like rant a car).

    There are many number of diesel and gas tuning technologies in the market, including programmable diesel tuning boxes, diesel TDi tuning boxes, piggy back tuning boxes, digital pd tuning boxes, and plug and play performance tuning b–boxes. Unfortunately like many things, with diesel tuning boxes you get what you pay for. There are no wonder under sun!

    Some of the low budget cheap tuning solutions work on a simple analogue process or lazy techniques, they run on primitive electronics or pills which manipulate the control signals by multiplying the analogue signal by a certain value or make the combustion chamber dirty. The analogue unit’s or pills (fuel additives) can be quite hit & miss though, and can cause uneven and poor delivery of power and torque - remember there are no wonder... The results are often a no performance increase, or even reduced MPG performance, and sometimes a lot of black smoke or even dangerously combustion products.