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We offer a service for every car, every kind of gearbox (automotive) automatic and manual transmission for every brand, like Mercedes, BMW, Audi, Porsche, Japanese and local producers with an innovative PowerCodingTM process.

What is PowerCodingTM process

STORM Research is now offering a revolutionary new process for the global market, supported by highly advanced materials created with our company’s unique understanding in the field of plasma physics.

Our solution is simpe yet effective– this high tech product completely reconditions the components of your vehicle's gearbox to factory–new!

The technology allow to recover a gearbox automatic or manual to a new condition with restoration of the mechanical part ideal sizes for extremely long service time of a gearbox.

This versatile technology works to recondition any transmission –manual or automatic– to just like–new, restoring and revitalising all mechanical parts to drastically increase the lifetime of the transmission.

At the same time, the renewed transmission will create less strain on the engine due to its increased efficiency. As with all STORM products, the user will experience great energy and fuel savings.

We strongly recommend this high tech process for both new and well–used gear systems to renew and prolong their condition for as much as five times the normal expectancy; a development not possible with any previous conventional technology.

Unlike our competitors, we don’t use any additives intended for reducing or changing friction, as these products often have undesired and even dangerous side effects.

Our product has the special physical effect of keeping your transmission in brand-new condition without the use of any additive. The areas of wear on the gears -and thus their precision- will be fully restored. The engine's running temperature will be significantly reduced by at least 20-30%, maintaining the lowest possible temperature even at higher speeds.

German’s Main Office:

STORM’s Research Laboratories
LANDWEHR — Sudetenstr. 121 — 87600 Kaufbeuren
Email: German Office —


American Engine PowerCoding Center

Brookfield, MA 01506, USA

Ingo Storm, CEO & R&D,
Email: German Office

Martin D. Wolons, COO of PowerCoding & AkkuTune,
Email: U.S. Office —


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